About us

The Masseria di Torca was purchased by our family in 1972 and, from August 2019, Isca is used as a holiday home. I am Silvana, a publisher of gastronomy magazines and cooking enthusiast and I am excited to dedicate myself to welcoming guests in our renovated flat.


For any request you can contact me at the email below, specifying your need:

  • Shuttle service from Circumvesuviana station in Sorrento
  • Breakfast reservation
  • Restaurant reservation
  • Additional parking space
  • Boat rental




NOISE AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Keep the noise level low and respect the silence during the night hours (from 24 p.m. to 6 a.m.).

PARKING It is possible to have a parking space assigned within the property.

RUBBISH AND RECYCLING You are invited to recycle your waste by placing it in the three compartment container under the sink. La Masseria di Torca tries to respect all eco-friendly behaviours like:

• Switching off unused lights

• Not wasting water

• Closing the windows when the air conditioning or heating are on

Guests are asked to do the same. All other behaviours that avoid wasting energy resources are welcome.

SECURITY It is recommended not to leave your belongings unattended, Masseria Torca cannot be responsible for stolen goods.

SMOKING Smoking in La Masseria di Torca and Isca flat is not allowed, but you can safely smoke outdoors on your private terrace where you will find an ashtray at your disposal.

PETS In La Masseria di Torca and in Isca flat pets are not allowed.

DAMAGE AND BREAKAGE You are kindly requested to report any damage or breakages as soon as possible in order to avoid unpleasant disputes at the end of your stay.

CHECK OUT We ask our guests to make a brief inspection of the apartment in order to verify that the rules of this regulation have been respected.